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  1. Carmen Waterman
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    This has lots of important messages for me. I know when depression is hitting me the hardest my inner critic would be making me feel like I can't make or create anything that is any good. I really agree that is when we need to make sure we don't give up. I've done that too and the important part of that is just trying again.

    This is so hopeful and I know that you have helped me to believe in myself, my dreams and my creative soul. Thank you for sharing this and letting others know the gift we give ourselves with permission to not be judgemental of what we do, that there is hope in doing and trying.

  2. anet37
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    Creativity is important and always seems like a desirable quality. It seems like something other people have. It is just amazing what people can create. I greatly admire originality and you seem to have that in spades, and also the ability to inspire it in others based on.

    Winter is often so dismal. This year I am hoping that the pleasure of staying in and watching it snow while listening to traffic reports that just don't matter. That would be the bright side to dark and gray atmosphere. It helps that I am not a perfectionist.

    • Jane Waterman
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      Oops, found one I missed. :) I feel like I'm a kind of cheerleader for winter. I love it (but then again I don't live in a place that has 6 ft snow drifts, and likely, I never would). I was always a huge fan of umbrellas and the sound of rain hitting umbrellas and windows and roofs. :) I appreciate the serious issues for people with seasonal affective disorder more than ever.

      Interestingly, over here, winter is the time when all our artisans crawl into their burrows and create all their wares for the following summer fairs and markets. I think they really like to take advantage of what is almost a season-sanctioned time of withdrawal and solitude.

      It's February here, and there's signs of spring everywhere. Hopefully that will cheer all the summer groupies up. :)

  3. Jane Waterman
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    It's hard sometimes to give ourselves permission to just be and create. I think I need to read this post and other ones about creativity myself! Love you!

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