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Seronegative and Out of Luck

On August 21st, I finally got to see my new rheumatologist – some four or so months after the referral was made. I haven’t had a rheumatologist since my first one retired in 2009 – I don’t count the appointment with the doctor who rejected my diagnosis immediately when he heard

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Living with invisible illness

Travelling While Ill

It was June 25th when I boarded the plane for Australia, where I had spent 30 years of my youth growing up. I hadn’t been there in 14  years. I hadn’t seen members of my family in 13 years (14 years in some cases). I wanted to do this, but

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Mental health challenges

Grasping for Answers

I have mentally begun this post for weeks, but a chronically ill life has a way of shaking loose any idea of control over one’s destiny. Anyone who has been ill for a while will understand what I mean when I say I’m suffering a bad case of doctor fatigue.

Eternity © 2004 Jane Waterman
Invisible illnesses


A watermark is an outline of the tide’s advance and retreat. In some ways I feel like I am part of that outline, lying at low ebb, among the beautiful broken detritus of the sea. These last weeks I have been merely functioning: meeting the very real needs of the

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Invisible illnesses

Fit, Fat and Chronically Ill

I wrote this post back on January 6, 2013. I suppose like anyone who is considered medically obese, I get nervous giving an audience ammunition. However, I’ve let that fear go enough to believe this needs to be said. This post began as a quiet plea – now it is

Depression and Sjogren's syndrome wordle

Wordless Wednesday #3

I’m taking part in WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day 17 #HAWMC – Go to to create a word cloud or tree from a list of words associated with your condition, blog, or interests. Post it! Click on the wordle to view it in a larger size.

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Interior life

Where I Stand

I’m taking part in WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day 16 #HAWMC – Tell us 3 things that are true about you, your condition, or your Health Activism. Tell us 1 lie. Will we be able to tell the difference? I’m improvising with this prompt. I’m in a weird

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Invisible illness advocacy

Activist Love

I’m taking part in WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day 14 #HAWMC – Thank a few of your fellow Health Activists for what they have done. Call them out by name or twitter handle. Share your love. I concur with many of my fellow health activists, and as I


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