Quicksilver River

Quicksilver River © 2011 Jane Waterman
Quicksilver River © 2011 Jane Waterman

Some days there are no words, there are just images that flicker in the darkness.

However, even in the eddies of gloom there are such brilliant flashes of light and colour. I have to look a little closer, but find myself entranced, following sparks of light.

Many fear darkness, and I suppose rightly there are times to be afraid. I have recently come to accept of myself that after years in shadow, I tend to melancholy a little more easily than most. I know when I need to fight, however – when to seek social contact – even when it seems grating on my fragile soul.

Unlike most, I also know when I can linger a little in the shadows, sit in peace, listen to gentle piano, and imagine that I hear the water trickling by, even though it was a winter eve a couple of years ago.

Today is such a day. I accept myself as I am, and love the beauty I can see in shadow. I can accept me.