Wordless Wednesday #3

I’m taking part in WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge

Day 17 #HAWMC – Go to https://www.wordle.net/ to create a word cloud or tree from a list of words associated with your condition, blog, or interests. Post it!

Click on the wordle to view it in a larger size.

Depression and Sjogren's syndrome wordle

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Jane Waterman

Hi, I’m Jane! I create blogs, fiction, art, and adaptive yoga as I seek peace and healing in this strange and sometimes beautiful world. I’ve been chronically ill and probably crazy for 30 years, but I try not to let it stop me!

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3 Responses

    1. I've had many tell me the experience of it is black and white – for me it is endless shades of grey! Thanks for commenting, Christina! Blessings.

  1. I love your cloud Jane, it reminds me of the darkness of depression. I'm glad I have my computer to keep me from falling into it these days. For me it has worked better than any of the medications ever did. *Hugs*

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