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  1. Annette McKinnon (@a
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    I got an electric mattress cover so that I can warm up the bed before I get in. Also I find a bean bag style lap desk can be helpful for reading in bed or on a chair.

    I have never seen one of these except in an aromatherapy display but I have friends who use small personal humidifiers especially at night.

    That is a lot of pills you are up to. It's a task I hate and have to do today – counting all the pills into their little compartments

    • Jane
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      I had one of those electric blankets in Australia. What they call an electric blanket here on the west coast is rather flimsy compared to those ones – you can't lie on them, only pull them over you. The problem I have is I have like a permanent hot flash going most of the time, so if the bed gets too hot I wake up and throw everything off, which kinda defeats the purpose… I have a humidifier, but it's so large it keeps me awake – I must look out for one of those smaller ones.

      Yeah, I hear you on the pills. Before, I took a Prozac and I was done, and now it's 20 frickin' 5-HTP and L-tyrosine pills, but I wanted to get off it for a while – been on Prozac for most of 20 years, and it's one of those periods where it's stopped working. I would not take even one pill as a child, so it's kind of ironic I'm taking about 30-36 a day depending on how many pain pills/gravol I need. What a life. :)

  2. Annie
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    Cats are a huge help for me, stroking them is purring and there is nothing nicer than a cat on your lap.

    When well enough a walk by the sea lifts my mood and helps my joints.

    • Jane
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      Hi Annie,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that our companions are a huge help. We have two beagles at home, and I love to cuddle with. It's so comforting, and the beagles love it just as much. I also love the sea. As you say, not always easy to get to or to do, but I have always lived near the ocean and when I go, especially in the cooler months, it really helps. I'm glad you have things in your life that are self-nurturing. I think that's so important for us all!


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