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  1. Gail Reid
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    Oh, those should-bes. At times they blight my life too. Who am I kidding? Most days at the moment, lol.

    I make lists of what I want to accomplish and even though a couple get ticked off…a couple that some days I couldn’t do at all…I still beat myself up over the ones that aren’t ticked off

    Seeing it here in print it looks so idiotic to think in that way. Yet it happens, doesn’t it?

    Big hugs to you and to Mrs blackbird <3

    • Jane Waterman
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      Hi Sweetie,

      Oh, I know – the separation between logic and emotions. The crazy things we beat ourselves up over – it is basically habit, but habits we have had all our lives are perhaps the hardest. I keep hoping in a way I’ll get a bit senile and forget that I am supposed to beat myself up! ;)

      Thank you and lots of hugs to you too, hon!

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