First Light #2 © 2012 Jane Waterman
First Light #2 © 2012 Jane Waterman

This is the colour of my imagination before it was asked to behave itself, take a seat, and sit up straight. These are the colours I feel most at home in. Anyone who sets foot in our house will attest to that.  This is experimentation with Artrage, my favourite computer painting software. I’m playing with colour (obviously) and technique. Just scratching the surface of the dozens of virtual mediums and tools it possesses.

Something about the brushstrokes makes me think of a late William Turner, although I’m sure the colour would make Turner ill. I find myself thinking back to art in high school, and my meagre exposure to his work: fog and steam, trains and boats, on fire in the sunset.  I have so much to learn, but it’s been so long since I’ve picked up a brush, virtual or otherwise. I must grant myself permission to be totally mediocre.

I feel a buzz from the act of creation – rioting colours – hints of clouds, sunlight, reflections. It makes my mind sing.

I need to do this more often. We all do.

What act of creation makes your mind sing?


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Jane Waterman

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  1. Wow… this artwork touches my heart and soul…. it is like it is singing to me and is so beautiful… The colours are breathtaking and some of my favourites…. You know how precious rainbows are to me and this makes me feel the energy of the rainbow, like life it doesn't have follow the smooth lines one sees so often after a storm…. this could be the colours raging along with the storm… in harmony

    I am so proud of what you are doing and achieving, don't stop, you make a difference in my/this world…

    1. Thank you, Sweetie. I feel very encouraged, and will try to keep going. I'm glad you like this picture. To me it's like a child's glorious crayon picture. Children aren't born afraid of light and colour and movement. I hope we can capture this for all children, including the children within us. Love you. xxxx

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