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    Finding that violence in TV and movies makes you sick sounds like a far more healthy way to react if we were all going to be realistic. As kids we are more sensitive to it.

    Four year old you had a tough time for a little girl. You are so creative and articulate, you've done a lot but it sounds like it was not anywhere close to easy.

    I had lunch with a friend today who has been on various medications for 5 years and only since May has all gone well. her Dr said it was like trying to tune in a radio station and finally they got it right.

    • Jane Waterman
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      Thanks, Annette – it sounds sensible, doesn't it, but amazing how up-in-arms people get in defending that violence and how it has no effect. That's not my experience.

      I was pretty sensitive for a young kid. There'd been big changes in the family – we moved from England when I was 2.5 – it was a 6-week voyage, and I'm sure a huge change for my parents and my 3 older siblings. I'm not surprised if I absorbed a lot of that. I now put myself in my mother's shoes, home alone when her husband and 3 kids were at school – it's no wonder that she was stressed.

      What a great analogy your friend's doctor has. I love hearing good news stories like that – it really gives me hope that not all doctors are giving up on the difficult cases. I feel my traditional doctors have abandoned me, so I'm very glad my naturopath is working with me. She is trying me on something else so I don't have to take the huge volumes of pills anymore – it really was difficult – and I feel like it's working. Good news. I often find Christmas a bit difficult, so I need to be mindful.

      I hope you are doing as well as you can. Thanks as always for dropping by.

      Take care,


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