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  1. Carmen Waterman aka
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    I agree that those that speak up, those that seek help and all of the people affected by mental illness need to get more recognition and support. The current system certainly isn't doing enough and I don't know what the right answers are.

    I do know that I am proud of you, and above everything else hope you can be kind and gentle with yourself. So many people have no concept of the true battle and agonizing internal pain that so many suffer with. I pray for more awareness, for loving compassion and understanding and for healing.

    Holding on with you for always


    • Jane
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      Thank you for commenting, Sweetie. Yes, those are definitely things I am also hoping, praying and dreaming of. It's perhaps a cliche, but I feel like each of us speaking our truth, no matter how or how much, makes a difference. I hope in some small way we can show people how great the struggles are, and that they in turn can show more compassion, both to others and themselves. Lots of love always. xxxx

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