No Art Today

No art or photo today, which feels quite strange. I’ve been getting used to creating something, but alas work has taken what energy I have at the moment.

Meditation was beautiful this morning. I have been cultivating the feeling of ‘no-thing’ quite successfully lately, but today I experienced quite a bit. My body, which usually feels quite numb and disconnected was tingling, in that way a hand or foot does when it’s ‘fallen asleep’ and starts to wake up. When our teacher did a body scan, this tingling feeling was following her words from head, to neck to shoulders. I was also seeing quite brilliant colours in my mind’s eye, so I observed those too.

It should perhaps not be too surprising when I learned later that my meditation partner and soulmate was divesting herself of extra Kundalini energy and it happened to be flowing in my direction! My cynical mind may be dismissive of ethereal things like energy fields, but I was definitely feeling all of these things this morning.

I was quite exhausted later, but I think it was the rush of feeling, and of course, the long working hours of late (long for someone who has limited reserves anyway).

We took the puppers for a walk in the crisp night air. It was lovely, but I think they were feeling the tiredness and pain levels too – they seemed very slow and ponderous in their nocturnal scent excursions.

I’m quite glad to be heading for rest now.

May all beings experience ease and wellbeing. And happiness – that too.


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