Starbirth #1 © 2015 Jane WatermanI promised myself to write every day, come what may.

Today I have been in high levels of pain, and unable to find much surcease. I can’t even truly tell you what I did today. I didn’t take a nap… I worked on some decluttering, but piles from that endeavour are still scattered on the office floor.

I managed to sit at the table for a while with my better half, and we cut out pictures and brainstormed a while on our goals for the year. I have a lot of things listed. The idea of the list is not to intimidate, but inspire. On days like this, it’s handy to look at a colourful, hopeful list, and dream about the things (or little bits of things) we’d love to achieve this year.

For now, I have to try to find some rest, balancing heat and ice as I need them. Hopefully I’ll slip through the door into a gentle world of dreams, and find more inspiration there.