Well there’s a way… and there’s a will. I just have to make these two possibilities collide. I just spent some time reading about the experiences of self-published e-book authors, and there doesn’t look much of a down-side to it. Fortunately between me and my wife we have all the requisite skills to put the books together. Looking over Kindle Direct Publishing (or KDP as it seems to be known by those in the know), it looks straightforward to put it all together, upload it to the marketplace (currently considered #1 in the world), and sell something. The chance of earning a 70% royalty (unheard of in the old days of paper publishing) is also a startling call to action.

That self-publishing is so straightforward, puts the urgency into my usual wallowing in self-doubt and drifting far from presence in the moment.

The answer is clear. Write. That’s what I’ve been aiming for with these daily entries. Some days it still seems mechanical, as my brain crawl (not flies) to the range of “tasks that must be done”. One day, I’ll practice not only writing but flying. Flying blind, I’ll probably crash to earth a few times. I’m prepared to get up and dust myself off to make this work.

Today was a day of tasks – not so much of writing or art practice. I got a little done, which was good. Tomorrow I must aim for more.


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