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    Heroic rest is a great phrase. Maybe I will start a folder of good phrases and keep it there. Then I can sneak it into one of my posts when you have forgotten :) I am glad you are going to do that because I think that sometimes the brain has to cede control to the body.

    It sounds like you have a lot on the go with job, chronic illness, relationships and your art on top of that.

    It shows that you have been writing for 32 years. All the writing I had to do at work consisted of making things easy to read and in a capsule format. It can be summed up by this – Where, when, how much, how long and with a brief phrase to catch their attention and reel them in.

    Hope you feel better soon

    • Jane
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      Hehe, you are welcome to use the phrase any time. I'd like us to build words like bravery, courage and heroism into our everyday lives. We owe it to ourselves.

      The real challenge of course, with so much going on, is to learn to step aside, to look at things not so much objectively as compassionately. It's important to see when being driven just results in our running in circles. That's when we need more of those heroic rests! :)

      Thank you – I had never considered myself a writer, partly because my 14 year-old self was very much ridiculed for my scribblings by my family. I think it's difficult for people to see a living in it, so I understand that a lot of that mocking was based in concern. At least, that's how I've made my peace with it. Now, I'm quite happy to bill myself as an author of a blog and a 'real' writer. It takes time to make the transition!

      When I had to quit my career as a scientist, I was very fortunate that a steady technical writing job fell in my lap. I'd like to do more, but I have to realize the beauty of balance. As you say, writing to illuminate procedures and the like requires a totally different skill set than writing to tell a story. I've lost practice in the latter, but I hope to do more as I go. Ultimately, I'd like to think one type of writing informs the other: sometimes dry technical writing needs a little more story telling; and story telling, a little more craft and simplicity.

      Thanks for the good wishes! I felt better this morning, and seemed to slip back again this evening. Hopefully it's just a bug.

      Take care!

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