Venus with Sjogren’s Syndrome

Venus with Sjogren's Syndrome

Anatomy classes used to make me feel physically sick (I suppose there is such a thing as too much information for a sensitive soul!). I undertook the challenge using Botticelli’s Venus as a model, to render a more beautiful image of my life with Sjogren’s.

This is based in my experiences. Other Sjogren’s patients may report more or fewer symptoms than are listed here.


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  1. Annette McKinnon (@a

    When I saw your title I was all prepared to see Venus Williams. That's an inspired choice you made with the classic Venus.

    Those nether regions sure can make your life uncomfortable. Interesting that "no sex" takes the status of a body part. I have found a few studies about sex and chronic disease. They seem to say that very few ask for help and that very few Drs offer help. I brought the topic up a couple of times but found the same thing as the studies.

    This is a more useful study that I plan to Tweet eventually
    I collect all this knowledge like a squirrel – it gets buried if I don't consume it immediately

    • Jane

      Yes, I realize that it was a bit of a tease, but I'm sure the real Venus wouldn't mind. :)

      When putting this together I realized I wasn't naming body parts so much as symptoms, so the 'no sex' part was quite appropriate – it could also be my British heritage – I considered writing 'no sex please, we're British' – but I thought it might be too obscure for a general audience.

      Regarding chronic illness and sex, I actually had the great 'fortune' to be referred to a sex therapist (I actually got the help without asking) as a result of painful sex. The whole thing was a rather terrible ordeal with a woman old enough to be my grandmother and latex gloves, and I'm rather glad I've blocked the whole thing out.

      Thanks for checking in, Annette – I so appreciate your comments! I hope you have a good day!

      P.S. For any Sjoggie who might be visiting, I add in all seriousness that lubrication is your best friend. I just wish I'd known that over 20 years ago. :)