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  1. Christina @momof2t1s
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    Im not a regular reader – just decided to click your link on the HAWMC page. Your blog title intrigued me. I don't talk about my depression on my blog. My blog is about my kids diabetes. I don't talk about my depression because it isn't like so many of my friends. I can go long stints with no issues then something tiny will set it off and Ill spend a week secluded from everything I can avoid.

    I don't know what your untruth would be since I don't know you. I also can't promise I will remember to come back to read more posts. These days Im very absent minded, overcommitted, and it seems late on everything. I like participating in HAWMC – (oh by the way if any of the posts I suggested are not your favorites – sorry – they were suggested sometime between 1 and 3am on my third almost allnighter in a row due to diabetes shenanigans. I honestly didn't think WEGO would use them or identify me. oops.) Last year I met a few people via HAWMC that I hold more dear to my heart than some long time real life friends. We don't share illnesses – just a passion for laughter, love and advocacy.

    I do hope your doctors hear you and are responsive. I also hope your current pain can be identified and resolved in a not so intrusive manner.

    One last thing – I love you art. you are very talented.

    best regards always.


    • Jane Waterman
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      I'm sorry that you have to experience at depression at all. I wouldn't wish it on anyone! I have experienced it since I was 22, perhaps earlier, and I'm now 46… I never really did want to sit down and figure out exactly when it began!

      Hehe, there's no worries about coming back to read. I appreciate your dropping by. I can relate totally to absent-minded and over-committed. Please don't take my comment about the prompt personally. It was more a reflection of the day I'd had before in particular, the pain I was presently in, and the difficulty in coming up with posts according to a prompt. It's not my natural writing style, which is to ramble all over the place.

      Like you, I have met some amazing people through WEGO. I feel very blessed. Pretty much all my friends are online. I think it's the nature of the beast when living with or caring for someone with a chronic illness.

      Many thanks for the comment about my art. Creating digital art is something I enjoy very much, and the computer makes it so much easier for me!

      Many blessings,

      P.S. I'll copy this to your email in case you don't get back here.

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