Why I Don’t Write

Explorer © 1990 Jane Waterman
Explorer © 1990 Jane Waterman

Last night I was reading a chapter from Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones”. She encourages us to think often on the reasons why we write. For a long time, technical writing aside, I didn’t write. So, I thought it might be instructive to brainstorm on “why I don’t write” first. My initial tendency is to respond in generalities, so I’ll have to practice another of Goldberg’s suggestions another time: write the details.

Why I don’t write:

  • fear that I will run out of words
  • fear of not being able to write
  • fear of not being able to say what I want to say
  • fear that someone will judge what I say
  • fear that I will judge what I say
  • fear of not finding the right words
  • fear that I will not convey my meaning accurately
  • fear that people will not understand my meaning
  • fear of exposing my soul to the world
  • memories of childhood criticism
  • memories of my childhood writing friend, whom I don’t write to anymore
  • fear that I’m too old and my opportunity to be heard is past
  • fear that I’m too young and that I haven’t yet the wisdom to be heard
  • fear of criticism
  • fear of writing but not being read
  • because i have a headache
  • because i’m tired
  • because i want to sleep

Now I feel ready to say why I write:

  • i don’t have a choice – i’ll die if i don’t
  • there are words streaming through me and it’s my responsibility to write them down
  • i want to be heard
  • i want to be visible
  • i want to untangle the big mess of thoughts and feelings from the last 45 and a half years
  • i want to make a difference
  • i want to inspire
  • i want to live



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