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Mental health challenges

Taking Stock of Depression

I didn’t want to be here right now. After a year and a half of hell of dealing with a mental illness that wasn’t my own and dealing with the aftermath of that; of trying to get my abdominal pain resolved once and for all and getting partial resolution (which

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Seronegative and Out of Luck

On August 21st, I finally got to see my new rheumatologist – some four or so months after the referral was made. I haven’t had a rheumatologist since my first one retired in 2009 – I don’t count the appointment with the doctor who rejected my diagnosis immediately when he heard

Behind Glass © 2003 Jane Waterman
Invisible illnesses

Introduction to Sjogren’s Syndrome and Depression

I’m taking part in WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day 2 #HAWMC – Introduce your condition(s) to other Health Activists. What are 5 things you want them to know about your condition/your activism? Sjogren’s Syndrome – Like me, you may have never have heard of it before you or a

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Living with invisible illness

If it Looks Like Sjogren’s and Feels Like Sjogren’s, then?

When I was diagnosed with primary Sjogren’s Syndrome by Dr A-, some 12 years after I first became ill in 1990, I was relieved to have a name for the invisible illness that had wracked my life with its silent misery. However, there was one part of the diagnosis that